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Consulting & Business Advisory

Consulting & Business Advisory

Consulting & Business Advisory

Valuation Services

Every business would want to know how much and how to increase the value of their total business enterprise and of individual assets, both tangible and intangible. Value creation and measurement of the enterprise, in small parts or its entirety, or of its business assets would require highly trained professionals with specialized skills to undertake these assignments in preparing opinions of value, which could be subject to critical scrutiny by opposing parties to a business transaction or even by the relevant authorities. Some of our capabilities include determining the fair market value of:

  • Ownership interests in family owned businesses
  • Intellectual property rights, Patents, trademarks, copyrights and licenses
  • Brands and logos,
  • Trade secrets
  • Proprietary interest and rights
  • Customer listings
  • Contracts

Investigative Accounting Services

We have an experienced team that can collate crucial financial information for analysis. testing and interpretation for specific purposes such as tracing missing assets, documents, detection of management or employee malfeasance, assessments of performances and investigation of any perceived internal misdemeanors. Our areas of engagements would include:

  • Forensic accounting & reconstruction of financial records
  • Detect, identify and recover assets and important documents
  • Review and tracing of cash flow and funds
  • Collation of evidences on management or employee malfeasance
  • Corporate risk management and protection
  • Analysis of dubious transactions and expenditure
  • Financial forecasts and projections

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ROBERT YAM (Managing Partner)
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Tel : +65 63381133
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