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International Services

International Services

With increasing globalisation and international trade, cross border transactions have become significant in recent years. For businesses expanding abroad as well as foreign companies doing business in Singapore, there is a need to review and consider important tax issues in Singapore as well as in the relevant foreign jurisdictions. Over the years, we have worked with our various international associates through our membership with the Geneva Group International (GGI) and gain invaluable international experience in the following areas:


  • Enquiries on doing business in overseas locations
  • Setting up overseas offices and incorporation of overseas subsidiaries
  • Assisting with annual compliance requirements overseas
  • Group audit with overseas subsidiaries/branches
  • Regional co-ordination and services involving overseas companies
  • Analysis and advising on cross border transactions & transfer pricings
  • Tax treaty interpretation and advice
  • Double tax relief application and procedure
GGI - Our International Network

GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global alliance of nearly 500 independent professional firms comprising leading law, accounting, audit, management consulting and trust firms.
GGI has more 700 members’ offices located in 120 countries, and is ranked among the top ten international associations in 2015. As a Singapore member of GGI, we are able to access and share knowledge, experience and services of local professionals and experts who wish to consider any business opportunities outside Singapore. Our clients can also be assured of good quality advice on local regulations, statutory compliance and business environment in the chosen foreign jurisdictions. Through this network, we are able to tap on local experts around the world to provide quick answers and feedback for businesses venturing or intending to go abroad.
We will be delighted to offer our help and support to wherever you wish to expand your businesses.

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